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About Me

I am a high school student from Indianapolis, IN who is currently studying to become a software engineer. I am currently looking for freelance opportunities to help increase my experience in the field while also helping to get me on my feet after I finish high school. My end goal is to end up living in rural Indiana, preferably in the southern part of the state, doing work remotely with a side hustle of horse farming (which is really profitable in Indiana).

I have been programming for about 4 years now, with my first language being python, mainly to automate tasks or mess around with friends. In 2021, I learned JavaScript and in 2023, I learned TypeScript and Svelte. My main stack currently is SvelteKit for frontend work and typescript for backend work or any Node.js project. I'm also familiar with Go and Rust, although I don't know as much as I do in JS and TS. I have also used Tauri for a few projects, mainly since it's easy to create a UI with it.

Outside of school and programming, I like to play video games (Which I usually post on YouTube found on my socials page), take pictures, and do Virtual Air Traffic Controlling. I also have found an interest in horseback riding (I'm from Indiana, what did you expect), although I don't do it as much as I would like to.